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Enjoy our story

like we enjoyed the creation of it!


FALL 2019 - JANUARY 2020


The owners of 'G on the spot', better known as Jo and Karolien from het Gildenhuis in Melle, emigrate to France in the autumn of 2019 and open




Not only the pub, but also their mobile bar is up for sale.


The start of a new life, for Jo and Karolien as well as for the Peugeot from 1975, better known as






MARCH 7, 2020


The mobile bar has officially changed hands.






MARCH 16, 2020 - AUGUST 2020


Oh no! Due to Covid, we have to postpone our plans.

Behind the scenes we are busy creating cocktails, mocktails ...

We won't let the C get to us and continue to brainstorm with enthusiasm.







Our crazy idea to develop our own drink is taking shape!

A nice taste and a good story seems to us to be the right combination.

It hardly takes time to lay the foundation for the creation of 'THE ARTIST'.

With a wink to the painters, we developed a tasteful ode

to the world famous LAM GODS and Ghent history.

Did you know that the Van Eyck brothers painted 75 botanicals on the world famous Ghent Altarpiece?

For the Premium Gin we selected 8 varieties from this beautiful floral range.

The result is a spicy gin with a subtile fruity touch, a flavor that appeals to both male and female taste buds!



The deadline for bottling, early December 2020, is unfortunately not feasible.

We would have loved to let you enjoy our gin in your festive bubble.







YES, YES, YES! The bottles are ready!



Does it sound great to enjoy The Artist @ home ?!




like we enjoyed the creation of it!


Justine, Thibau & Nathalie


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